Academic Writing Qualities of Good Academic Writing – PapersHelm

Academic writing is very different than personal writing. It has its own set of rules and guidelines. As compared to personal writing, academic writing is difficult as it deals with a more formal approach towards writing. Academic writing has a theme where everything is relevant to one main topic without unnecessary opinions, ramblings and repetition of facts. The purpose of academic writing is not to entertain, but to inform. Academic writing is often judged on a few qualities. Some of them are discussed in this article.


A good academic format requires some sort of structure. It should have a beginning, middle and an end. You should know what format you need to use and how to execute the given topic. Academic writing is more complex than spoken language as it requires more focus on sentence formation, grammar, vocabulary, phrases and spellings.

Make It Formal

Academic writing is much more formal than any other form of writing. You should avoid using words and terms that are ordinary and can harm your academic writing.

Make It Objective

Unlike personal writing, academic writing needs to be objective. It should focus more on the topic and the data rather than what the writers’ opinion on the matter is. You should let the information you provide speak for you, rather than doing it yourself.

Make It Precise

You have to be precise about the facts and figures in academic writing. You can’t assume facts on your own just because they help you come to a conclusion. Don’t use words like “a lot”  “many” etc. instead, use exact numbers.

Make It Explicit

You should be clear about what you are writing. Your words and sentences should be understood by the reader. The writer should be able to connect the information provided by them. You can do that by using words such as “therefore”, “however”, “furthermore” etc.

Make It Accurate

You need to be accurate about what you are writing. You need to know the meaning of all the words you use no matter how simple or complicated. And you must be aware of where and how to use a certain word in a sentence. Using the accurate word at the accurate place can make your academic writing look perfect.


Although you can’t be biased when it comes to academic writing, you can however, state your opinion. You need to be sure how you want to portray a certain topic before you even start writing about it. This is known as hedging.


In any kind of academic writing, you must be able to provide justification or evidence for any opinion or statements you make. You are responsible for all the data you provide, and you must be able to back it up with an explanation.

These are just a few of the qualities of academic writing. There are many more that can help you know more about academic writing, but it’s always better to start from the basics.

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