5 Ways to Improve Your Academic Essays – PapersHelm

Essays are vital for admissions and scholarships. And as much as people dread over writing them, it is a skill that anyone can learn. No matter what you are writing your essay for, be it a scholarship, a classroom assignment, or even a contest, you can write one that is solid, persuasive and able to attract the reader. Granted, essay writing is a tiresome task, but with a clear mind, a little creativity and a few helpful skills, you can improve your essay writing skills by a long shot.

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can improve your essay writing skills without making a lot of effort.

Construct An Outline

To begin any essay, you need an outline. You can’t just start off writing and see where it leads. You need to think of an outline carefully, make notes of what you want to discuss, what topics you want to touch and how you want to shape the entire essay. It should have all the necessary ingredients that create a good essay. It should have a proper structure: an introduction, an argument, a counter for your argument and a well-versed conclusion. All these things should be considered beforehand if you want to write a good essay.

Grammar Is Key

Grammar, spellings, punctuation and style is as important in essays as the subject and body. You need to have basic knowledge about grammar and sentence structure. You should have knowledge of when and how to use certain punctuation marks. Another thing to look out for is the voice. An essay should be in active voice rather than passive, as it makes your essay look sharper. Make sure your sentences are well formed and grammatically correct and avoid using jargons and unnecessary words that do not relate to your topic.


Now this is a very important thing when it comes to essay writing. You must have a vast vocabulary if you want to write something good. And you must know which word to use at what point. You need to use words that are not too complicated to understand, as sounding smart can make your reader not understand what you mean. You should also try to use words that exactly describe the situation. If your vocabulary isn’t vast enough, you can always use a thesaurus and find the perfect word for your sentence.

Give A Strong Argument

While writing an essay, it often happens that the writer derails from the main argument. The best way to improve your essay is to discuss things that are relevant to the topic instead of rambling on about unnecessary garbage. Ask yourself whether or not what you’re writing is relevant to the topic and argument and also how it would affect the conclusion. The best way for that is to think of the conclusion you want beforehand so you can steer your essay to the desired conclusion from the start.

Compelling Conclusion

Many people often disregard the conclusion when it comes to essays. But that should not be the case. Your conclusion is what brings your entire essay to a close and proves your statement. A proper conclusion can make or break an essay. It should include outlines of what should be discussed throughout the essay and should support the writers’ argument.

So the next time you sit down to write an essay, make sure to remember all these guidelines so your essay can be as great as you’d always hoped.

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