Tips for Writing Book Reviews – PapersHelm

Book reviews are a great way for the readers to know how great a book is;  based on the opinion of someone who’s read it. They are purely based on the reader’s opinion and, therefore, are biased. Regardless of whether you love the book or not, if your review is honest and detailed, others will see it as a helpful guide. However, many people either get stuck about what to write when it comes to writing book reviews. Here are a few tips to become good at book reviews.


Start off your book review with a few sentences that describe what the book is about without giving away any plot details or twists. To avoid giving away spoilers, try not to go into detail especially about the events that occur near the end of the book. If the book you are reviewing is part of as series, mentioning that in the review is always a good thing, along with you letting the reader know whether to read the other books in the series or not.

Likes and Dislikes:

Let the reader know what you liked and disliked in the book. Don’t go into details but let them know which part of the book you liked and which part you didn’t like. Try letting the reader know why you found a certain ending frustrating, or prolonged or what your favorite part of the book was.

Key Characters:

Try focusing your review on the main character or characters. The more the reader knows about the key characters, the more they will be intrigued by them and would want to know more. An interesting review about the personality of the character can make the reader want to know more and will persuade him to read the book.

Keep Balance:

Try not to be overly negative or overly positive when it comes to writing your review. A little biasedness is okay, but sugarcoating or bashing a book or its plot or characters is just wrong. A good way to avoid this is to keep a balance between the good and the bad. Highlight the negative, but keep the positive as well.

Talk About the Author:

While the main purpose of the book review is the book, it is always a good thing to mention the author. Write about his motivation and personal life, about how he came across the idea of the book, what motivated him to write the book or a specific character. Knowing these details creates interest in the reader.

Ending a Review:

Summarizing your thoughts by letting the reader know what kind of a person would like the book and what is in store for them. Let them know whether the book is suitable for young adults, tweens, older readers, or fans of a particular genre.

Giving a Rating:

By rating a book, you automatically improve or deteriorate the chances of the readers reading the book. You can give it stars or rate it out of 5, 10 or 100. Many people will base their decision solely on how a particular book gets rated on a scale.

While you can develop your own personal style when it comes to reviewing a book, it may take time. Until then, it is a good idea to stick to these tips when it comes to writing a review for a book.

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